When to change from shared hosting to VPS or a dedicated Server?

We already know shared hosting is a very common hosting service where most of people preferred for their websites which only hosting a website for general purpose. Shared hosting is provide the hosting where a single server resources (processor, memory and bandwidth) shared by many websites. Every website on the shared hosting server is allocated a limited amount of services such as the hard disk drive, bandwidth, RAM, Processor, FTP accounts, databases and email accounts, among numerous other services. We can simply understand shared hosting with housing apartments where people staying and shared the resources like water, ground, Lift etc.

Only one advantages of shared hosting is cheapest hosting rate. The fact that pulls the user to preferred shared hosting initially that shared web hosting is usually offered an affordable rate is perhaps its biggest advantage. With as little as $6-$12, you can take benefit from shared hosting services.  Nowadays, getting up to 40GB storage is possible in shared hosting.

Issue which pulled user to shifting Shared hosting to Netherlands Linux VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Netherlands Hosting.

Performance Issue

Performance of your website can be an issue in shared hosting. Let us explain with a simple example, something that actually occurs all the time. Imagine you are facing moderate traffic on your website and another user in the server experiences a sudden increase of traffic. That user’s suddenly change in traffic can have animpact on the performance of your website making it take forever to load pages. This can be extremely stressing to your visitors who may choose to seek information elsewhere.

Getting huge amount of visitors on websites

If your website visitor<=1000 then it will be ok with shared hosting but if your website getting more than 1000 visitors and you noticed that it will be increase in features then this is the real time to think about changing plan to Netherlands Linux VPS hosting and Dedicated server Netherlands hosting.

Security Issue

Nowadays cybercrime rising on a daily basis, it is very urgent to ensure that your website is secured. We already know that security is another critical aspect in shared hosting. Your websites also can be affected with malicious codes and bad scripts because you using a shared hosting service. There are more points that makes your websites to change the hosting plan to Netherlands Linux VPS or Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting-

  • There is no unique IP provided with shared hosting plan.
  • Bad scripts can run on other websites which sharing server resources with your websites.
  • Some website can use porn content and videos which reside with your websites and that can affect your royalty.
  • You can be affected with bandwidth problems.

Fortunately these disadvantages can be solved by finding a reliable web hosting company which rented Netherlands Dedicated Server Hosting and Netherlands Linux VPS Hosting that has the right technology and knowledge to handle the stated issues.

Bluewelthost is best option to choose the Netherlands Dedicated server hosting and Netherlands Linux VPS Hosting service within your affordable cost. It’s provides 24/7 support with 99.95 SLA Uptime.

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