SEO Audit factors for getting better results to your website

SEO audit for small business is the best way to know hows your website works.
Here are some characteristics of SEO audits which SEO agency in Bangalore checks while doing SEO audit for your website. 
1. Google Analytics: 
  • Firstly you have to install Google analytics on your websites every page.
  • Set up as the conversion on your website to check and track every conversion of your website.
  • Configured your analytics correctly.
Google analytics is used to track your website for better improvement. In Google analytics, there are so many factors which every website user have to follow or track for getting the better result.
2. Google Search Console:
In Google Search Console user are seeing the correct diagnostic data.
  • The user must set up the search console with correct website URL.
  • The number of indexed pages is shown by the coverage tab.
  • Submit your sitemap, and it will be listed in the sitemap tab.
3. Site Speed:
 we can check and measure the website loading time that is site speed. We can measure every page speed, whole website speed, Mobile speed.
Mobile speed it means, How much time website will take to load in any mobile.
There are so many tools to check the website speed. By using tools we can get the overview of where improvements can be made
4. Title :
Page title is the main factor in SEO audit because it will appear on the search engine result page whenever any user searches for that or related products or services.
5. Meta Description :
When Search Engines list your site they use the text from your meta description. You can add the main keywords in the description also. When you optimized meta description very well the click-through rate will automatically be increased.

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