Common SEO technical issues

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is used to get high rank of your website on search engine result page. If you want to get better ranking you must use SEO for your website.  For any website on-page, SEO and off-page SEO both are equally important.

Here SEO agency in Bangalore explained the most common SEO on-page technical issues which can affect your search engine ranking:

  1. Copied Content: Copied content means duplicate content. This is the most common and most affecting issue for your website. By having duplicate content search engine will penalize you. And may block your website. If you want to rank well and increase your traffic then your content should be unique, valuable and related to your keywords.

2.Tittle tags: Title tag is the most important elements on your webpage. Write appropriate, proper and meaningful title to your page. Use important keywords in your title. Common issues for title tags are Duplicate title tags, not enough words or extra-long title tags, missing title tags etc. Optimize your title tag very neatly it will add more value to your website. SEO agency in Bangalore will optimize your title tag very effectively.

  1. Meta description: Same as, title tag we have to optimize the meta description tag also. Our page click-through rate depends on the meta description tag because it is showing up in the search results.
  2. Alt tag: Image plays the major role in content writing. But most of the website not optimized alt tag. They have images but without alt tags. Alt tag provides the title, description of images so the search engine can easily categorize them. It is important that image alt tag must have your important keyword. We SEO agency in Bangalore will help you to tag your all website images with title, description having your websites important keywords.
  3. Low page Speed: Page speed is very important not only for users but also for achieving the higher rank on search engine.
  4. XML sitemaps: XML sitemaps help search engine to crawl your website effectively.
  5. Multiple URLs for the homepage: When any user search your website as or go to the same page?  Focus on that both URLs must go to the same website. And this is convenient for your users.SEO agency in Bangalorecan solve this issue and help your website to achieve good rank and better conversion on search engine.

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